Better Muscle.

Sportsplex Stamford offers you a wide selection of technologically advanced strength building and body shaping equipment. All built by companies on the cutting edge of fitness development.

Here’s a breakdown of the strength equipment type & benefits they provide you at Sportsplex.

Circuit Training & Selectorized Strength Training Machines:

  • Easy to use.
  • Great at isolating specific muscle groups.
  • Extra safe & require no spotters.
  • Let you move from station to station quickly.
  • Change weights quickly.
  • Ideal for post rehabilitation work & for those new to strength training

Free Motion Strength Training Machines

  • Provide three dimensional range of motion for building functional strength.
  • Cables provide resistance through full range of motion.
  • Bilateral resistance lets each side of your body work independently.
  • Perform endless exercise variations.
  • Ideal for developing athletic & sport specific strength.

Comprehensive Free Weight Selection

  • A full & diverse selection of Dumbbells, Bars, Multi-Angle Benches and more.