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Sportsplex Trainer Education

As a personal training client, you place your trust in the hands of your trainer.

So you should know…

We take the profession, art and science of personal fitness training so seriously we created our own educational institute.

The Sportsplex Training Institute
Professional personal training standards are so important to our focus on you, we developed the Sportsplex Personal Training Institute. It provides industry backed education, certification and training services to not only our own team of fitness professionals but to fitness trainers across the country.

Setting a Standard of Excellence In Personal Fitness Training
You deserve the best. Sportsplex personal fitness trainers are the best and brightest in their field because they work hard to be so.

The Sportsplex Personal Training Institute’s Education Pyramid provides a comprehensive fitness development curriculum. It ensures graduates posses a proven level of expertise, safety and effectiveness in personal fitness training.

Strong Foundations
The Institute’s foundational minimum education requirements involve trainers holding certifications from one or more nationally recognized and accredited organizations, such as The National Academy of Sports Medicine, The American Council on Exercise & The National Strength & Conditioning Association.

Blending Education with Experience
Our personal trainer’s scientific education is blended with hands on training experience. They learn specialized teaching & communication skills, and develop greater capacity to modify instruction as the unique needs of clients present themselves. Mastering these skills are the hallmarks of an exceptional trainer. And our exceptional trainers get you exceptional results.

Put These Skills To Work For You
Our professional trainers are ready to help you be your best. Discover why working with a Sportsplex Personal Trainer is a smart investment in your health and wellness.

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