Getting In Is Healthy for Your Body

In Our SaltPure Pool

Nothing is harder on your eyes, skin and hair than chlorine. That’s why the pool at Sportsplex uses revolutionary SaltPure® System to keep the water sparkling clean. The system uses “Electrolytic Generation” which neutralizes the high ph / acidity properties of chlorine. Doing so removes all the irritants from the water while maintaining its cleanliness.

You’ll Experience The Difference
Step into our pool and you’ll feel a pleasant difference immediately. Step out and you’ll really notice the difference. No chlorine faded swimwear, itchy skin or chlorine induced red eyes for you and your family.

Putting The “Swim” in Swim Lessons Children’s Swim Lessons | Private Swim Rates
Swimming is an important and fun skill to have. We believe the same should be true about the lessons that teach the skill. Sportsplex learn to swim programs are structured around eight important age and skill milestones. And because everyone learns better & faster when they enjoy themselves, our lessons deliver lots of fun too.

Exceptional Multi-Lingual Instruction
Our professional swim instructors teach students with an approach that’s effective and reassuring. It’s a method that helps each student get more “swim” out of each lesson. They also speak several languages which makes our instruction even more accessible.

Swim caps are mandatory for all swimmers. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. This is just one more step to making your swim experience a healthy experience.

For your convenience swim caps can be purchased at the front desk.