Melissa Crespo

I reached a point in my life where I was unhappy, unfit and depressed. I kept trying different diets, but when they didn’t work right away I would give up. Exercise was not a part of my life. I would do really well for a few weeks and slowly slip back into my old routine. I at out a lot, frequently easting fast food and I led a sedentary lifestyle.

I saw the Lose Big Team Challenge Flyer and coerced my friend to join the program with me. Joining the program with a friend was the ticket to my success. I felt accountable for showing up and not letting my teammates down.

The LBTC program was exactly what I needed to jump start me into a new lifestyle with exercise and healthly eating. I lost 25 lbs and 6 inches off my waist in 8 weeks! I learned how to exercise properly and more importantly, how to eat healthy.

The coaches and staff were extremely supportive and encouraging. They were there to inspire, motivate, educate and push me, even when I didn’t want to work out.

The daily emails and articles were so interesting and helpful. I would definitely recommend this program to someone that struggles with weight loss and staying committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Since the program ended, I have continued exercising and eating healthy and have lost an additional 32 lbs!! I have so much more energy. Being active is natural part of my life now. I cannot imagine ever going back to my old lifestyle.